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5 October 2011

Trashing Dance Theatre Journal

Cover: Penny Arcade, Photo by Christa Holka

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming issue of Trashing Dance Theatre Journal co-edited by João Florêncio and Owen Parry.

This special issue of Dance Theatre Journal is a dedicated and rigorous exploration of Trash in art, performance, work, and club culture. It features interviews with performance star and living-legend Penny Arcade, club performer Mouse, sex worker and activist Thierry Schaffauser, plus articles exploring the work of John Sex, Danish collective dunst, Club Wotever, wasted works, contaminated performances and the 'lowest form of performance' - living street sculptures. Forms of trashy articulation including soap box articles, TV Chat Shows and Tabloid Newspapers interrupt and compliment more formal essays and interviews in this special issue!

Contributors include:

Augusto Corrieri
Bryony Kimmings
Eirini Kartsaki
Johanna Linsley
Lisa Wesley
Lorena Rivero de Beer
Marcia Farquhar
Marianne Mulvey
Mathias Danbolt
Oriana Fox
R. Justin Hunt
Rachel Lois Clapham
Season Butler
Tero Nahua
The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein
Vikki Chalklin

Dance Theatre Journal is available to purchase online at Unbound.

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