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16 December 2013

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Announcing five new DVDs as part of Crossovers, a major new series of artists’ films, documentaries and dialogues reflecting the potential of marginal artforms and intense ideas within popular media.


Gavin Butt and Ben Walters

This Is Not a Dream 

Charting a path across four decades of avant-garde experiment and radical escapism. 

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Mel Brimfield

This is Performance Art: Parts One and Two 

Part One - Performed Sculpture and Dance

Part Two - Experimental Theatre and Cabaret

The first two parts of a multi-part fictional television documentary series mark the fragmentary and unreliable nature of performance art’s historical record. 

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Oreet Ashery

Party For Freedom Party for Freedom 

Exploring the potentials and dilemmas of liberation in a culture at odds with itself.

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Writing Not Yet Thought

Hélène Cixous with Adrian Heathfield

The acclaimed author discusses the practice of writing alongside its relation to painting, music and philosophy.

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Transfigured Night

A Conversation with Alphonso Lingis. 

An exchange between the celebrated American philosopher Alphonso Lingis and Adrian Heathfield. 

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No Such Thing As Rest

A Walk with Brian Massumi 

Setting thoughts and conversation in constant motion, Adrian Heathfield encounters the philosopher and cultural theorist while walking the streets of Montreal.

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Crossovers DVDs are produced and published by Performance Matters. Supported by Follow on Funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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