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Performance Lectures & Redos: Augusto Corrieri & Owen Parry


Musical Pieces / I Wanna Be in That Show

(double bill)

Tuesday 5th October

Part of an ongoing investigation into solo performance, Corrieri's Musical Pieces explored the deceptive qualities of perception and attention offered by the theatre, playing with different forms of on-stage concealment and trickery.

Parry's I Wanna Be in that Show was a performance about wanting to be in a performance. It drew on the feeling of seeing a performance and recognising one’s own desire to be in it or to have created it. It was about art that drives you to make more art, to revel in its forms and textures and to question the bodies that occupy it.

To read Augusto's and/or Owen's weblog and reflections on these performances, click here.


Video extracts


Augusto Corrieri


Owen Parry


Note: complete video documentation of all performance lecture events can be accessed through the Study Room at Live Art Development Agency and at the British Library.