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Performing Idea



Over five days, the Performing Idea international symposium brought together key thinkers and artists in experimental forms of public exchange. The total audience for the symposium was 1,150 people. Each of the five days was dedicated to a specific thematic: Other Durations, Living Archives, Reciprocal Aesthetics, Performative Writing and Dialogues.

The content and video extracts of the first day can be viewed below. On the left hand column you can browse the other Symposia days.


Other Durations

5th October 2010

With: Janine Antoni, Matthew Goulish, Bojana Kunst, Boyan Manchev, Fred Moten and Lara Shalson


Time in Western Cultures continues to accelerate and a slower unregulated life is seemingly nowhere to be found. Contemporary art has seen a resurgence of performances of long and short durations and a revaluation of historical works of duration. Artists are increasingly playing with, inhabiting and transforming the time of the artwork. Speakers addressed questions around how we think of and perceive the time of performance. What are the relations between performance, time and cultural value? How is performance reconfiguring and othering our understandings and experiences of time?


Video extracts


Adrian Heatfhfield introducing "Other Durations'

Fred Moten


Lara Shalson introducing the 'Other Durations' panel


Bojan Manchev


Bojana Kunst


Janine Antoni in conversation with Matthew Goulish


Note: complete video documentation of all performance lecture events can be accessed through the Study Room at Live Art Development Agency and at the British Library.