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3 October 2012

What We Lost


The dialogue began with a collection of loose ends and ends with an inventory of What We Lost during this de-via-tionist process (from the Latin viā, or way) as we prepare for Séances of Presences, our contribution to the P o P event. 

  We have lost our illusions of each other. We have lost our patience with each other. Already, we had lost interest in finding conclusions or results at the very beginning.

  Instead, relation has become crucial, as it must in the purest and most rigorous understanding of a dialogue project. The choreographing of relation has been foregrounded with honesty and, at certain times, rawness. The focus is on moving with each other, without much emphasis on other contents. No rituals, only relation. 

  Deviation is built into this relational work. It keeps moving forward in an unalloyed form – a moving dialogue.

  We have a right to/dictum of/proposal of non-assumption, and we do not look to one another for re-enforcement. Instead, this is an intellectual and artistic encounter that enables our being available for each other, which is put into action by dancing together. This means we do not assume anything about the other’s process, but rather cultivate an opening towards the lively and tedious, but rewarding relational work in a choreographic process (as always rooted in the determinability of the spatiotemporal condition).

  Multilayered affects are present… or absent; change, vulnerability, excess, weakness, and trust emerge through our embracive commitment to qualitative-transformative processes and experiments…a choreography of words and images that documents our making of an inventory for Séances of Presences.


WHAT WE LOST: a performative text
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