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19 April 2011

Art-Breaker: Confessions of a Critic (Episode 53, Part 7)

We are honoured to host a sneak preview of Sir Francis Spalding’s forthcoming Radio 4 series;  as Mel Brimfield’s erstwhile collaborator, he is the face, heart and mind of the groundbreaking This Is Performance Art TV series, Episode Two of which will be launched in association with the Performance Matters research project in October with an accompanying programme of live works.  In the meantime, Sir Francis will sporadically share extracts of his soon-to-be broadcast diaries - they document a fascinating life spent rubbing shoulders with some of the key protagonists in performance art history.  The dazzling panoply of aesthetic wonders contained therein is preserved for the nation in a landmark document that combines sex, style, philosophy, gossip, remorse, defiance, brilliance, and anxiety. Not our words, but those of Germaine Greer in the Daily Mail.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Sir Francis Spalding. Duration: 20 mins


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