rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance

3 October 2012

Potentials of Performance: Introducing Minimum-being sessions at PoP, 26-27 October 2012

Lisa Alexander sets the stage for her upcoming dialogue presentation at the October 2012 P o P event. read more »

3 October 2012

Potentials of Performance: uneventful approaching...

Annalaura looks forward to her and Fabiola's "uneventful" dialogue session by reflecting on the ethics of care as practiced by its potential spectators. read more »

30 July 2012

Potentials of Performance: 2. Beginnings…some reading material

Lisa's second dialogue post includes a series of source materials relating to her questions around cultural value and neoliberal capitalism read more »

19 June 2012

Potentials of Performance: Planning for uneventful

Annalaura Alifuoco shares initial thoughts for a series of "unveventful" acts to take place during the Potentials of Performance public programme read more »

15 June 2012

Potentials of Performance: 1. Minimum-Being

Lisa Alexander introduces her dialogue and calls for participation read more »

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