rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance

3 October 2012

Potentials of Performance: uneventful approaching...

Annalaura looks forward to her and Fabiola's "uneventful" dialogue session by reflecting on the ethics of care as practiced by its potential spectators. read more »

17 March 2011

Trashing Performance: I Wanna Be In That Film

Author: Owen Parry

I Wanna Be In That Film (2010) read more »

1 March 2011

Trashing Performance: Cheap Flicks Chat #1

Cheap Flicks is a dialogue project that explores the public reach of low-budget performance when mediated through the moving-image. This is the first of an online series of exchanges between Butt and Walters as they develop the projectís sense of purpose. read more »

1 December 2010

Trashing Performance: Excerpts: I wanna be in that show

Author: Owen Parry

A series of excerpts from I wanna be in that show, illustrating the possibilities in the desirable surfaces of performance and its sensation seeking relations. read more »

4 October 2010

Performing Idea: A matter of deviation

Author: Jonathan Burrows

Jonathan Burrows' last letter, read out at the start of the Performing Idea public programme (Oct 2010), considers issues of the new and its potential functions in art making processes. read more »

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