rethinking why performance matters through the matter of performance

30 July 2012

Potentials of Performance: Talking Tabloid Trans

Jay meets Fox to discuss the histories and uses of print and reflects on the relationship between art, performance and trans discourse. read more »

30 May 2012

Potentials of Performance: Introducing Talking Tabloid Trans

Jay Stewart asks whether there might be unnoticed potential in the 'lowly' representation of Trans people in mainstream media read more »

25 September 2011

Trashing Performance: Away day on the Jersey Shore

As part of their research for The FeMUSEum, the Musing Muses went to the Jersey Shore for an away day. read more »

19 April 2011

Trashing Performance: Femme Musings: The Girls Eat Cake

On March 17, 2011 Lois Weaver, Amy Lamé and Bird la Bird got together at Amy's house to eat cake and talk trash. read more »

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