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5 October 2012

Third Entry


My dialogue project in Bytom is now in the process of becoming a performance, video and installation. After collecting material, having workshops and interviews, it has now become a process of assessing the material and thinking of the form that it will take. How can this performance, which is a subjective interpretation relate to the matter of the heterogeneous information and reality of this city? What will happen quite soon, when the actual performance and exhibition takes place?

Visiting Bobrek III mining company’s rescue practice space in Bytom

It will not be a documentary of a post-industrial city, but and affective report or articulation of some problems, hopes, antagonisms and flows that have come about. This is not theory, but artistic research taking place, and challenging me more than I had anticipated. The materials perplex me, since it is not self-evidently a matter of decay and depression, but a moving entity. My process and performance will be an articulation of these tensions. Inevitably it is not coherent with the reality of Bytom, but a subjective articulation.

My time is now split with intense practice - which includes writing a script in english, which is translated into polish, and which I have to learn to some extent - and more trips into Bytom, where I will be shooting a video piece, a performance on video and being more in touch with the terrain. It is still a dialogue, but now it leaves me anxious and nervous, due to the inconsummerability of these different aspect of the project: the reality of the site and the people, and my individual practice distant from this site.

Karolina Kucia shooting a video at “Venetsia”, a collapsed industrial site, which has become a small pond.

As an extension to this, there will be a second interpretation of this material and my subjective process by a performance artist, and my collaborator Karolina Kucia. She will be producing a piece, which focuses on the lapses and cul-de-sac’s of my project. This will also be presented during the exhibition in Poland.

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