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Performing Idea

Performance lectures and redos


This evening programme of new works involved international guests whose practices span a range of disciplines from theatre and dance, to performance art and documentary film making. Across five nights the artists explored the possibilities of the performance lecture and the re-enactment of artworks and experiences as forms of cultural practice.

A video recording of the first performance can be viewed below. On the left hand column you can navigate the other performances through their individual threads.

Adrian Heathfield & Jonathan Burrows

holding them in front of you

Monday 4th October

Adrian Heathfield and Jonathan Burrows performed a written dialogue emerging from their long correspondence on the relationship between writing and dancing. The piece emerged from a series of questions they have been asking each other in letters and workshops: What are the relative weights of gestures and words in a performance space? How can each open to the other? What place does music occupy in a negotiation between muted movements and sonorous words? What might be some principles of composition for a generative relation between creative writing and choreography?

To read the weblog correspondence between Adrian and Jonathan, click here.





Note: complete video documentation of all performance lecture events can be accessed through the Study Room at Live Art Development Agency and at the British Library.